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2024: A short tale of what is to be.

Hello and Happy New Year!  We ordinary folk are excited to embark on new adventures this year. Here are few things we would like to share with you.


New Cocktails?  Nope.  Well, kinda sorta.   There was a meeting about what to do next after 5 months of Clue theme drinks and décor.  We were all in our pajamas at this meeting, as is tradition, and there was a request to stay in our pajamas until the weather got warmer. There would be pajama drinks and pajama snacks too. Night caps and cookies! The request was deemed unfeasible, but the sentiment remained, and we all agreed to…


Food specials!


Here’s a run-down of what this January looks like by the day of the week.


Tuesday’s Toast Point Dip

Baba Ghanoush – eggplant & chickpea spread on house made white bread toast.


Wednesday’s Walking Taco

Our Frito Pie!  Taco chili & cheese with pickled red onions over a random bag of Frito-Lay brand chips.


Thursday’s Hawaiian Burger

Grilled Pineapple, Pickle Onion, Teriyaki Mayo


Weekend Spam Plate

Griddled Tocino Spiced Spam, Rice, Fried Egg, Furikake


Break Even Bottle Schedule

Every Wednesday ordinary offers a very special bottle offered by the pour at cost to us. This is a great opportunity to taste a new spirit that may normally be price prohibitive. See below for the dates.


…get back to the new cocktail program.   We had so much fun remixing cocktails from the 1940s with the Clue theme!  “Let’s do mid-century “Atomic Age” cocktails!”  someone exclaimed.  “What about winter in a New England pub style drink!” a levelheaded human sounded out still thinking about how comfy his pink elephant onesie pajamas are to wear.

There were a few rounds of debate until


A Stranger emerged from the shadows.

“You’re going to do... both. Amalgamations. Take the sickly-sweet mid-century drinks that tourists travelled to 1950's Nevada used to sip while watching all the atomic testing in the desert. Doctor the old recipes, modernize them to be bigger, stronger, fatter, and tasty while keeping an essence of purity regarding the history.  You will winterize these short snorts.  Making them… cozy, like your New England pub in the winter." commanded some character straight out of some Kubrick film.



We are now serving popular cocktails from the 1950s with liberties taken for sure.  All staff are involved choosing a few cocktails each to work on and will hit the menu in phases. The first 4 remixes are out now under the From the Lab portion of our list.  Check out Chef Skyller’s Diki-Diki using his own recipe for Swedish Punsch! Wild.

2024 is shaping up to be a fun time and we all hope you do visit soon.

Thanks for reading!

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