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Staff picked bottle pour sold at our cost.

We want to showcase our curated back bar with an opportunity to try some of our favorite bottles along with some rarities. Now offering one ounce pours, while supplies last, priced at the very least to break even on the cost of the bottle. Expect some very special bottles on the first of the month from our rare spirits vault. Discover something new and let’s chat about it. We’ll even suggest cocktails these spirits would be best in!

Fine print: limited one pour per guest at break even price. Must purchase any food item to participate.

Here’s the schedule with some words from the staff.

3/1 Tim drops Suntory AO World Whiskey

3/8 Lucas presents Montenegro Amaro

For my bottle select I will be choosing Amaro Montenegro. I’ve been in this industry for about 5 years now, and Montenegro was one of my first loves in which I felt truly welcomed to the culture here. It has a terrifically smooth orange bitterness followed by a wonderful herbaceous aftertaste. Over the years it has become my own bartender's handshake and I’ve enjoyed sharing that greeting with awesome guests who have come in!”

3/15 Bryan breaks out the Clonikilty Irish Whiskey

I would like to choose a Clonakilty Irish Whiskey. During the month of March, we celebrate St Patrick’s Day which is one of the biggest Irish holidays, which also happens to be my birthday! Also during this month, it is international Irish whisky day (even though it doesn’t fall on a Wednesday). March is a month of Irish celebration and even though I am not Irish I have always been interested in the culture. I believe it would be a great opportunity to let people try an Irish spirit specially for those who don’t usually drink Irish whiskey. Plus, this spirit is very well balanced, right in the middle. Perfect for pairing with our dishes.”

3/22 Connor showcases Bruto Americano

“immediate first choice was Bruto Americano. I chose this because I’ve recently become accustomed to it while working at Ordinary and it has become a favorite of mine. I think the bitterness level is perfect and I enjoy the subtle sweetness and botanical flavors. I also think it’s very versatile and can be paired with a variety of other spirits.”

3/29 Silveria introduces Rayu Mezcal

The reason I am picking this bottle is because I enjoy the smokiness, the fruity flavors and the sweetness of the caramel touch. This would be a great opportunity for guests who haven’t experienced any mezcal.”

4/5 Tim cracks open Pinhook Bourbon Vertical Series 7

4/12 Mark debuts St. George Baller Whiskey

At Ordinary we are always going above and beyond to provide uniquely interesting flavor profiles to our cocktails. This whiskey made in California does exactly that by producing a single malt in the same fashion the Japanese whiskey culture would make a scotch. Taking it a step further it’s finished in casks that previously held umeshu, plum liquor. The end result is something truly its own with depths of flavors that match exactly what the drinking experience at ordinary is known for.

4/19 Kyle lays out Monkey Shoulder Scotch

Unlike many blends that use malt and grain whiskey, Monkey shoulder is 100 percent malt. Derived from blends of Balvenie, Glenfiddich and Kininvie, this is a premium single malt blend for a fantastic and approachable price point. Nine casks are used for each blend, hinting at the “batch 27”. Because you know, 9 casks x 3 single malts are 27 batches of fun! The coolest part, no monkeys are harmed in the making of this product.”

4/26 Sam unleashes Nardini Grappa Reserva

“Grappa is often overlooked, for sipping and for cocktails, this is an aged version that is a good segue to bridge the gap from spirit lovers to grappa, Nardini produces a variety of wonderful products, all from high quality sourced materials this is a really pleasant sipping grappa that can be enjoyed by anyone.”

5/3 Tim offers Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon 2021 Limited Release

5/10 Andy unveils Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin

I chose this bottle because Gin is a spirit that many are hesitant to try. Barr Hill Tom Cat is a great choice to show how versatile Gin can be. Made with raw honey and aged in American Oak, it's perfect to sip on or enjoy in a cocktail.”

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