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Cocktail Party at Ordinary!

limited ticketed event

Our dear friend, "Jolly" Joe Cappabianco has been leaving a mark for 30 years in the tattoo community and we want to celebrate that!

Join us at ordinary Sunday, February 19th from 4:00 - 8:00 for a night to gather, eat, drink and talk a lot of shit!

What you can expect:

  • Cocktail Party

Cash Bar - Perfectly Curated Cocktail Menu based around everything that makes Joe Happy. Just kidding - that would be a really small cocktail menu. The menu will make us happy which will probably make Joe not so Jolly, which also makes us happy.

Guest Bartender Jime Litwalk - You may not get what you order, but you will get what you need!

  • Whiskey Tasting

"Jolly" Joe's Private Single Barrel of Bourbon to taste and purchase.

  • Noshes

Food will be curated by Chef Mark Bestmann

  • Celebration

30 years in the biz! There's bound to be a lot of laughs and stories from Joe and friends about his wild career and celebrity status, though it may just end up being a roast...

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