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Exceptional Spirits Sold at "Ordinary" Prices

The New Year is coming up, depending on when you read this, and we've released the latest "Break Even Bottle" schedule.

What is this Break Even Bottle?

The team pours one bottle of some special spirit for the minimum cost for Ordinary to break even on buying the bottle. These are one ounce pours, served neat or rocks until the bottle is gone.

Every Wednesday is an opportunity to try something, most often at a prohibitive price point, now mere dollars. We encourage you to explore our selection every week and bring friends to share the experience!

Fine Print: One per guest and we ask you to order any item from the kitchen menu.

Here's the Schedule!

Scheduled Pours at Cost

12/27 - Four Roses Single - $2.35

1/3 - Old Elk Barrel  - $2.33

1/10 - Russel Reserve 13 Year Bourbon - $3.48

1/17 - High West Mid Winter's Dram - $4.36

1/24 - Montelobos Pechuga - $3.96

1/31 - Tequila Ocho Reposado - $1.76

2/7 - St George Single Malt Whiskey - $1.59

2/14 - Fernet Vallet - $1.03

2/21 - Bunnahabhain 18 Year Scotch - $9.54

2/28 - Barr Hill Tom Cat Barrel Aged Gin - $1.58

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